Data Privacy Laws

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Data Privacy law is a rule meant to protect the data of an individual or organization and governs collection, storage, and release of their financial, medical, and other personal information to governments, public or private organizations, or other individuals.


Fraud is an illegal use of system without authorization mean to take or alter electronic data. The popular type of fraud in the Information and Technology Industry is hacking, in which an offender uses technological tools to remotely access a protected system.


Cybercrime is a type of internet based crime in which system is used not only as a tool to commit unlawful offence, but the object of the crime is also another system.

Some significant ways to protect the system against cybercrime:
* Always keep the security software updated on a regular basis.
* Make sure to not click on doubtful link.
* Sign off your computer when you do not use them.
* Do not share sensitive information online
* Avoid using public WI-Fi.


Phishing is a fraudulent act of sending e-mails or creating web pages in order to collect personal information by pretending to be the legitimate enterprises. The cyber offenders trick users to be trustworthy by designing their emails and web pages in such a way that it seems legitimate. Sharing of personal information, such as password, credit card number, bank account number, and other sensitive details, can be misused by the fraudulent who are engaged in the act of phishing.

Illegal Downloads

Illegal downloads are an act of unlawfully obtaining media files that have a copyright. Generally, media files such are songs, movie, and of the same are supposed to be downloaded after paying certain fixed amount. The purpose of copyright laws is to prevent media piracy by prohibiting internet users from illegal downloads of files.

Child Abuse

Child pornography is a type of content that depict children as a lovemaking object or involved in lovemaking activity. Child abuse is often made by taking pictures, videos, or occasionally sound recordings of children who are either almost without clothes or engaged in lovemaking.


A scam is an act to defraud someone or organization by presenting lucrative scheme to gain their confidence. With the rapid growth of social media and online business opportunities, there are lots of opportunities for scammers to commit scams. The tactics used by scammers can vary and scams can come in many forms in front of different people, but are all designed to cheat.

Some of the online scams are as follows:
* Prize scams
* Dating scams
* Threat scams
* Investment scams
* Identity theft scams
* Phishing
* Auction fraud
* Donation scam
* Chain mail
* Online survey scams

Cyber Forensics

Cyber forensics is a scientific technique to investigate and analyses digital devices to identify, preserve, recover, analyze, and present acceptable facts and opinions about the digital information in the court of law.

Some of the popular cyber forensics techniques are:
* Live Forensics
* Data Recovery
* Data Analysis
* Password Recovery
* File Carving
* Network analysis
* String and Keyword Searching
* Photo and Video Analysis
* Header Analysis
* Timeline Analysis

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