Use social media appropriately

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In the age of information and technology, social media is one of the most important aspects of the life of almost everyone. Social media has extremely changed the way people used to communicate and carry on with their everyday lives. Simply having an account on social media platforms enables people to communicate and engage with their relatives, friends, coworkers, and like-minded strangers.

Using social media networks as a means to communicate is very smooth and because of that it has become a necessity for most of the people in order to connect with family members, relatives, friends, or other loved ones living far away. Now a day, businesses trust on social media to promote and sale their services or products conveniently.

However, social media is not altogether safe. There are lots of frauds being done through social media. The power of social media is misused to promote fake news in order to harass respected person or damage the image of good organization. There is a hoard of fake accounts generated on social media websites for unethical purposes such as trolling, hacking, bullying, or fraud.

The best part of about the growth of social media is that despite the unethical practice by some fraudster, it does not halt most of the people from taking advantage of this powerful and effective medium. The most popular social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and blogger, among countless others and their appropriate uses are marvelous.

Some of the appropriate usages of social media are:
* To chat with people
* To build connections
* To keep oneself updated
* To make announcements
* To create awareness
* To market services and products

Spread of rumors on social media

The spread of rumors is a very common misuse of powerful and effective social media. The fact is that, rumors generally grab the attention of a person because it is striking in nature. Generally it is a matter of seconds to click share button on social network and in no time rumors spread like a fire. In this fast moving world, most of the people do not spend time to think before clicking on the share button and by default become a part of spreading rumors. Often rumor about celebrity death is the most influential and one can measure its impact how much that has been shared before it gets exposed.

To save yourself from becoming the part of spreading rumors, you need to google the message and verify facts and cite the sources before sharing a post that seems highly suspicious. If you find the message just a rumor then you should refrain themselves from sharing it otherwise you would invite punishment if found guilty.

Common social networking websites and their specific usage rules

There are unlimited social networking websites, but some of them are commonly used by people to connect with family members, friends, colleague, and business contacts all over the world. The influence of social networking sites in our world is so much full of impact that it has taken over almost every sphere of life. Social networking websites have changed the way we live our life.

There is countless numbers of social networking websites and each one is being used for certain specific purposes. Some of the most popular social networking websites and their specific uses are as such:

Twitter: used to share the opinion

Facebook: used for making friends and sharing opinion with others

LinkedIn: helps companies to find an employee and vice versa

The specific uses rules of social networking are essential for the person to know before using them. If you go by the rules, you would protect you from becoming the victim of fraudulent activities prevailing in social media. The specific rules for using social networking sites are as follows:

* Do not disclose personal information to another person.
* Ensure your post does not hurt the sentiment of another person.
* Never spread rumors about any person and defame them.
* Avoid being rude or abusive to anyone.

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