Inspirational Quotes

Personal Growth

"The opportunity to improve your life is available with you all the time.

"Life has their own unique way to throw opportunity and challenge the intellect of the person.

"Never sit idle and let the destiny dictate terms for you.

"Stand up and control your destiny instead of being controlled by it.

"You are the creator of your destiny, and it is your birthright to put your interest forward to get them fulfilled otherwise people will manipulate you and make use of you to realize their own dreams.

"Mind is the most dominating factors in life. What you think, you become.

"A sense of fulfillment comes in life through the achievement.

"Be positive, failure can lead you to success provided you learn the requisite lessons it offers and acts accordingly.

"The mind is the creator of destiny. To make your dream come true, you need to use the magnetic power of mind judiciously.

"The world is always dominated by the mind and money.

"Success is transitory in nature; it may come and go, but the people who love you stand by you in the ups and downs of your life.

"Love is the wonderful feeling that sustains life and makes it worthwhile to live."

"Love is the most delicate but powerful emotion. It has the power to create life, forgive mistakes and make positive changes in destiny."

"Life is a reflection of feelings. It is your feelings that determine the quality of your life."

"Feeling is the natural part of life. It is not possible to separate feelings from your life."

"Life is full of twist and turns, and sometimes it really becomes testing."

"The beauty of life is that it is full of unpredictable situations that make it an adventurous journey."

"The role of money in our life is very much crucial. Even though we all know that money is not everything, we still aspire to obtain more money because of it intrinsic power to buy many things that makes life better."

"Feelings good is a state of mind that attracts all good things in order to create happy and enriching life."

"Feeling bad is a definite way to attract frustration in life whereas feeling good help you to make positive improvement in life. "

"To live your best life you need to feel good by dropping the habit of comparing and feeling bad."

"Life is not a gift of charity given by someone as a kind gesture but a process of creation in form of experiences by taking a proactive approach to maximize skill and potential for own mental, physical and spiritual development."

"Living life to the fullest is all about going beyond the comfort zone to reach out for life-changing experiences that push you to grow as a strong human being for the betterment of your own life and the world at large."

"Mental toughness is the requisite to excel in every sphere of life; be it professional or personal."

"Life is not a smooth journey. The unexpected crises can come from any point of time."

"Failures are not permanent in life, but in reality, it is the stepping stone for the success."

"Greatness in life cannot be achieved overnight in life. "

"In life, longevity is not important, but how much you make of life."

" "The poor me" attitude is not going to serve you anything worthwhile in life."

"Life is a complex phenomenon. There is a challenge at every stage of life."

"The ultimate dignity in life is to be engaged in meaningful activities for accomplishment of challenging goal that gives direction and destination to life."

"Life is in the present moment and so is the enjoyment of it; you cannot go back in the past or move in the future to live and enjoy the life."

"Life is better defined as a series of experiences, and it is the micro experiences of life that ultimately leads towards macro experiences."

"The secret to make the journey of life interesting is to keep moving forward for the realization of desired goal."

"The good thing about life is that it always gives you something. Sometimes it gives you challenges to strengthen yourself and other times it fulfills your desire to enjoy."

"Having positive thought is essential for a better life because it is the thought that controls your mood, action, feelings, dreams and ultimately life. "

"In life, nothing big comes without a price. "