Quotes About Life

Personal Growth

"The opportunity to improve your life is available with you all the time."

"Life is a mirror image of dominant thoughts."

"Life is an adventurous journey."

"Life is neither good nor evil in itself. It appears according to the state of our heart, which is our subconscious mind."

"Life is a process of creation. It is here right now, in the present moment."

"Life is uncertain; no one can exactly predict what is going to happen in the future. Any time it can come to an end."

"The drawback of attachment is that it does not allow us to enjoy the life in totality."

"Life is a reflection of action. To run around here and there without any concrete output leads to a meaningless life."

"The secret of leading a meaningful life lies in setting yourself a goal."

"Achievements are yardstick for leading meaningful life."

"Life is full of surprises, and sometimes it seems very complex, discomfort and unfair with its unexpected twists and turns."

"To find your purpose of life, you have to give purpose to your life."

"Life is a journey from one goal post to another. As long as there is life, there is a goal in front of you."

"Life is based on choices.

"The choice we make during the course of our life writes our life story."

"The wonderful law of life: focus on problems and they will multiply; count your blessings and your life happiness will increase manifold."

"Counting your blessings will lead you to have the positive approach in difficult times and that in turn help you to sort out problems earlier and smoothly."