Love Quotes

Personal Growth

"Love is the wonderful feeling that sustains life and makes it worthwhile to live."

"Love is the most delicate but powerful emotion. It has the power to create life, forgive mistakes and make positive changes in destiny."

"Generally, love means attraction but in terms of relationship, love is all about to know and accepting each other in totality over the period of time."

"Love is a spontaneous emotion and most importantly the fact is that love does not survive on the wings of sympathy."

"Love is what we "human being" live for because it is the only powerful force that sustains life and makes it enjoyable."

"Love is a relationship between people of mutual understanding, trust and respect."

"Love thrives on the practice of giving everything of oneself instead of asking."

"Craving for love is the intrinsic part of everyone's life; everyone desires to love and be loved by someone."

"Relationship thrives on mutual respect and to be desperate to find love reduces the respect in the eye of other people."

"To be loved and accepted, you need to learn how to love and accept your loved one unconditionally."

"Deep love is not a trade. It is all about seeking the meaning of life in giving what one can for their lover in order to get fulfilled."

"Deep love has the orientation of giving with the reward of deeper satisfaction."

"Love is the core nature of life."

"Love is the force behind each and all advancements of human being."