Personal Growth

Spiritual growth means emotional growth and to be spiritually advanced is to be emotionally mature.

Spiritual advancement leads to inner purity and calmness.

The path of spiritual growth leads one to have a clear understanding of oneself coupled with patience and perseverance so that we gain self-mastery, which is a key to a fulfilling life.

The greatest path of spiritual growth is meditation.

Ego is a stumbling block to move on the path of spiritual growth.

The purpose of spirituality is to make a person evolve as a human being and help them to lead a happy life.

Compassion is an essence of spiritual life.

Spirituality is a realization of self. It leads one to oneself.

Spirituality is very much personal and the benefit of it is seen in the personality of a seeker.

If you follow spirituality, it will be shown in your personality and character.

Self-realization is the ultimate goal of spirituality.

Blindly following or imitating a great master destroys the spiritual dignity of a person.

The path of spirituality leads you to self-realization, finding truth for yourself. It is a personal discovery.

The ultimate goal of spirituality is to gain freedom from all sorts of bondage that are the cause of suffering in life.