Quotes about Success

Personal Growth

Success begins in the mind.

Living your best life is a sign of true success in life.

Your thought creates your reality. It is your life and only you have to make it big by utilizing your inner potential. So do dare to think big to get big in life and make it worthwhile to live.

It is the free will which makes people courageous enough not to accept the failure as a fate and work hard to alter the destiny. So whenever you face failure in life, exercise your free will to succeed.

All the forces of the universe support the courageous people who are determined to pursue excellence in life despite the presence of obstacles on the way.

Limitations are an internal resistance to proceed further and be successful in life.

Be determined to chart your success story and let the world know your own version of the key to success.

Success is perhaps the most desired and discussed attributes of human personality.

Everyone has their own share of failure before being successful.

Persistence is the key to success.

The secret of success lies in making people tick around by the grace of pleasing personality.

Success does not come easily. If you want to translate your desire into reality, then you have to work for it and make failure lead you to success.

To succeed in life you need to see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Everything in life is a great learning experience, be it success or failure.

It is no use to work hard, if success eludes you. So find another way that can lead you to be successful and make your life worthwhile to live.

No one is going to come in front of you with folded hand and say to you that this is the thing you need to be successful in life. You have to take care of your interest by yourself.

Success is enjoyed by those people who do not compromise with their values.

In order to be truly successful in life, you need to stand by your core values, which define your own individuality.

On the way to success, you cannot expect everyone to be pleased with your decisions or course of actions. You may be judged, criticized or rejected sometimes.

You are much stronger to handle all the setbacks lying on the way to success than you think. So go and turn your dream into reality to be successful in life.

Nobody becomes successful without having to face initial failure, which generates frustration, criticism and a moment of self-doubts. The person who tackles the setbacks boldly becomes successful.

Success is not easy for anyone. There are several ups and downs on the way to success.

Strong relationships are very much important for success. It multiplies the joy of life and helps you in difficult times.

Do not be worried about any kind of external obstacles towards success. You have the very potent solution provider in the shape of your mind.

In the history of human being, everyone who achieves success in their endeavor despite being encountered with heartbreaking obstacles is because they refuse to become discouraged by it.

The mind is the very powerful tool, and if there is any glimmer of doubt; you create toughest obstacles towards success.

Your willingness to take risks will get you what you want.

If you want to be successful in life, you have to be passionate about what you do to achieve your goal and be willing to take risks.

There is no fixed path for success in life; there are always unknown factors, which need to be dealt on the way.

Success is not a thing which can be given or taken in a charity. No one is going to come with folded hand and say to you that this is the thing you need to be successful in life.

Be courageous enough to admit your mistakes and tackle them boldly because it gives direction for success by increasing your knowledge.

Success comes to the persons who learn from mistakes and take all the jerks and jolts in his stride.

The path of success does not run smooth.

No one has become ever great in life without hard work.

The key to success has been intriguing the human mind like nothing else in the world.

If you aspire for something, then you understand the secret of success and go beyond your comfort zone to make success come to you smoothly and early.

The most certain way to succeed in life is to create success.

Your success is entirely dependent on you.

The will to succeed triumph over shortcomings.

Success first takes shape as a thought. Thought directs actions, and action brings success.

The intense will is the key ingredient to be successful in life.

Make a resolution to yourself that you will be hungry for little more everyday and make yourself successful in every aspect of life.

The surest way to be successful in life is to think success.

Turn failure into success by following your goal with the more positive approach because failure has already increased your knowledge and strengthen your courage.

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